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Book Holiday Rentals in Ouddorp


At Ouddorp Connection you will find the ideal accommodation for your vacation in Ouddorp / South Holland. We offer a large selection of fully equipped apartments and holiday homes inside and outside the most beautiful holiday parks on the island of Goeree Overflakkee. Enjoy your vacation in beautiful nature on miles of beaches with family, friends and dog.

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Bij ons vindt u de ideale accommodatie voor uw vakantie in Ouddorp / Zuid-Holland. Wij bieden een ruime keuze aan volledig uitgeruste appartementen en vakantiehuizen binnen en buiten de mooiste vakantieparken op het eiland Goeree Overflakkee.

Geniet van uw vakantie met familie, vrienden en hond in de prachtige natuur op kilometerslange stranden.

Naast vakantiewoningen op vakantieparken bieden wij vrijstaande familiehuizen, bungalows en chalets in Ouddorp en omgeving aan.  Alle vakantiehuizen zijn comfortabel ingericht.


What do we have to offer?

Book your holiday home at one of the beautiful holiday parks or enjoy your stay in a holiday home in the middle of the village of Ouddorp. With us you have a large choice of holiday homes & apartments at different locations and equipped with various facilities.

If your travel party is not a family or relatives, all travel companions must be at least 25 years of age or older. Youth groups are not allowed in our accommodations.

Gratis annuleren of omboeken!

a selection of our offer




Westerweg 23 - Ouddorp

South Holland, Ouddorp
  • Sauna
  • Free rebooking
  • Contacless stay
  • Cancellation free of charge

Mosselbank 081 - Noordzeepark Ouddorp

South Holland, Ouddorp
  • Free rebooking
  • Contacless stay
  • Cancellation free of charge

Jonkerstee 46 - Ouddorp Ultiem Zen

South Holland, Ouddorp
  • Free rebooking
  • Contacless stay
  • Cancellation free of charge

Ouddorp inspiratie

Ontdek de activiteiten en bezienswaardigheden in Ouddorp & omgeving. Onze aanbevelingen voor excursies in de regio en tips voor activiteiten in Ouddorp. Laat u inspireren


Uw vakantie in Ouddorp

Het land is omgeven door de Grevelingenzee aan de ene kant en de Noordzee aan de andere kant. Ideaal voor activiteiten op het water: zeilen, zwemmen, (kite)surfen, duiken of vissen
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Things to know about your holiday in Ouddorp. Find out more about the perfect time to travel ☀️, places of interest 👀 & where to shop. 🛒
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A description of the surroundings of the village of Ouddorp. All information about nature that can be found in and around the village. Find everything here.
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Beach and water sports

The extensive beach in Ouddorp is not just for relaxing and swimming. There are numerous activities that you can practice here. Find them here.
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Go on vacation in Ouddorp - location and activities

Goeree Overflakkee is completely surrounded by water and lies on the border between South Holland and Zeeland. The island has the most hours of sunshine and the longest beaches, as well as many dunes, cycling and hiking trails and nature reserves.

The land is surrounded by the Grevelingen Sea on one side and the North Sea on the other. Ideal for activities on and on the water: sailing, swimming, (kite) surfing, diving or fishing.

In the vicinity of Ouddorp there are beautiful villages and towns such as Stellendam, Middelharnis or Goedereede. If you drive a little further towards Zeeland, you will come across Renesse, Burgh Haamstede, Zierikzee and Vlissingen. Rotterdam is about a 45-minute drive from Ouddorp.

Fun & relaxation in South Holland in our holiday homes & apartments in Ouddorp.


What makes Ouddorp so special?

The reason why so many people come to Ouddorp is the beach of course, kilometer after kilometer, from nature reserve De kwadehoek to the Brouwersdam. In some places you are all alone and you can even encounter seals. You can enjoy walking and cycling through the dunes over well-laid out hiking and biking trails.

If you are looking for beach pavilions then you can find everything from fancy to homey from Paal10 to Strandclub Zee. On the Brouwersdam you can find everything for water sports, from blokart to kite surfing. On the side of the Grevelingen lake you can visit the sail and surf school for a real water jump, there you have the possibility to go diving, windsurfing and sailing.

So there is something for everyone in and around Ouddorp, nature, peace, space, action, culture, restaurants, villages, shops and much more. 


What can you do in and around Ouddorp?

The island Goeree Overflakkee belongs to South Holland and is completely surrounded by water, so you can visit special places such as the Oosterscheldekering, Neeltje Jans and the watersnood (Flooding) museum, water is an important friend and in the past a formidable enemy of Goeree Overflakkee. The village of Stellendam has a fish auction and an active fishing fleet, on Friday you can visit the fish auction and could be followed by a visit to the seal sanctuary Aseal next to the Grevelingenmeer. Goedereede is known for its harbor, tower and beautiful historic buildings. On the surrounding islands you will find Middelburg, Vlissingen, Zierikzee, Domburg, Veere and Goes. Rotterdam is also nearby, 45 minutes by car and you are in the middle of Rotterdam! The Markthal is a very good place to start your visit to Rotterdam.