Wheel and hiking sports

The Netherlands is the bicycle country par excellence. It is no surprise that  more than 100 km of cycle paths can be found in the immediate vicinity. These paths lead through the protected dune landscape, past open fields, through picturesque villages and across the dikes with their wide view. At the many picnic areas and benches that one encounters along the way, it is pleasantly relaxing, but there are also plenty of bike-friendly cafés where you can go for a snack and a drink.
Extensive cycle maps and marked cycle routes are available at the Tourist Office

The flat landscape and the kilometer-long, well-paved cycle paths also lend themselves perfectly to inline skating.
Naturally you can also explore everything on foot. A number of special hiking trails, which start just outside the front door, take you through the surrounding, protected, nature reserve and past bird watching places. So don't forget your camera when you go out!
The 2-kilometer-long dyke ‘Flaauwe Werk’ in the vicinity of the North Sea park is a must. As far as you can see, you see the beach and you have a beautiful view. The beach that is accessible from several places on the dike invites both at low tide and at high tide to take a beach walk.
You can find maps for cycling routes at the Tourist Office.